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metallurgical cranes which are widely used in major steel plants, iron plants, aluminum plants, copper plants, coking plants and thermal processing enterprises
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Bridge Beam Launcher

Road and bridge equipment is suitable for bridge construction on highway and railway working sites, from pipeline laying, environmental engineering, to the construction of large-scale roads and bridges, rail transit, subway tunnels and high-speed railways.

Widely used launching erecting From China factory is bridge crane that places precast concrete beam into precast pier. And it consist of main girder,front leg, middle leg, rear leg, rear auxiliary leg, lifting trolley, hydraulic system and electrical device. Double girder truss type launcher girder crane is suitable for highway and railway bridge, such as straight bridge, skew bridge, curved bridge and so on.
Rail-mounted girder gantry crane is mainly composed of the assembled main beam, outriggers, cranes, etc. All parts are connected by pins and high-strength bolts, which are easy to disassemble and transport. Compared with ordinary gantry cranes, the installation is convenient, economical and practical. It is suitable for the construction of continuously flowing highway bridges.
  RTG Beam Lifting Gantry Cranes 50ton ~ 200 Ton Double Girder Free Rotation Diesel Driver Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane with diesel engine AC generator power supply, within the site without laying rails for moving in two directions. Bearing in large tubeless tires. Wheel number is designed according to the requirements of the ground wheel pressure. And it is widely used in many working sites.
Long beam trailer is a kind of trailer set to transport long cargoes by loading two ends of them, which is the most effective and economical way to transport long cargo like steel structure, long steel pipe, precast concrete beam and long bridge section.  
KPX Series flat trolley are battery powered. We use this principle to operate the carts, for example, start, stop, go forward and backward, adjust the speed and so on. KPX flat carts can be used both on the 'S' and arc-shaped railways.
  KPJ Series railway flat carts are powered by the cable reels. The flat carts get power AC 380V through the device of cable reel which is installed at the bottom of the cart. The motor is controlled by the power through the AC control system. 

We provided out Bangladesh client one set of 200 ton beam launcher, rail girder gantry crane and flat transfer cart to help customers to create great economic benefits. These are the pictures taken in the working site.
  Services:   Benefits:
  Set scientific research, production, installation, maintenance as an integrated package service manufacturer   Help customers reduce work intensity and make material handling easier
  Develop products with low cost and high production efficiency for customers   Help customers greatly improve work and production efficiency, and increase product output
  Pay attention to quality and guarantee reputation by quality
  Solve the urgent needs of customers and provide customized special equipment
  Timely and efficient after-sales service
  Environmentally friendly design to help customers maximize energy saving and save money