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metallurgical cranes which are widely used in major steel plants, iron plants, aluminum plants, copper plants, coking plants and thermal processing enterprises
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Steel overhead crane

Road and bridge equipment is suitable for bridge construction on highway and railway working sites, from pipeline laying, environmental engineering, to the construction of large-scale roads and bridges, rail transit, subway tunnels and high-speed railways.

Metallurgical foundry steel overhead cranes are suitable for metal smelting workshops. They are special cranes for metal smelting, rolling and thermal processing. Finally, the process of pouring molten metal and its waste slag needs to be completed.
  The quenching crane is a bridge crane that is used for the quenching heat treatment process of vertical wells. It is a special lifting equipment configured in the heat treatment workshop. It is usually in the form of a double girder single trolley structure.   Coil Intelligent Handling System uses information technology, network technology and sensor technology to add management layer, control layer and basic layer to the handling system to realize the intelligent and unmanned operation of hoisting and handling.
Steel Slab Clamp Crane is parallel to the main girder, and are used in steel mills, shipyards, ports, yards and warehouses for indoor or open-air fixed spans, loading and unloading and handling steel slabs, profiles and other materials.  
Steel scrap grab crane has the characteristics of high reliability, high safety and high efficiency. It is used in port terminals, steel plants, scrap collection stations and other scrap steel loading and unloading processing sites.
  The electromagnetic hanging beam crane has a detachable electro magnetic disk. It is mainly used in rolling lines, finished product warehouses, shipyard steel yards, blanking workshops, etc. in iron and steel enterprises.

We provided 5 sets loading material overhead cranes, 3 sets scrap steel cranes, 2 sets metallurgical cranes and 2 sets container cranes, four electric trolleys, helping customers to create great economic benefits. These are the pictures taken in the working site.
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