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Bridge crane Rail wheel bite prevention

Method to prevent and improve crane wheel skew should be different to Centralized drive and are separate drive operation mechanism. Through careful examination, careful adjustment, wheels and track Inaccurate installation correction, more attention should be paid to separate drive both sides motor, brake and reducer for their synchronized issues.
(1) limit the ratio of bridge span L to wheel span K. In Crane operation, a certain freedom to skew is permitted, which means a certain degree of lateral movement distance between the wheel rim and the rail. Greater the distance, little chance the track will be bitten. Also has something to do with L / K ratio, greater the ratio,  the small of allowed freedom, more chance the track will be bitten. So small L / K value should be taken. Experience shows, L / K value not more than 5 to 6:00 is advantageous.
(2) Centralized drive traveling mechanism has 4 wheels, of which two is drive Wheel, drive Wheel can be conical (taper 1:10), and let the large end of the cone do inward installation. It use crests track to reduce the friction between wheel and rail when crane swing through several running direction by automatically adjustment.
(3) Adopting lubricating wheel flanges and the side rails to reduce friction operation, to reduce the wear of the wheels.
(4) Normally check whether the tray is deformed, and promptly corrected to conform to the technical requirements. Otherwise it is impossible to solve the problem of Rail wheel bite fundamentally and confirm the vertical and horizontal degree of tolerance be timely adjusted.