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 limit switch of crane
What is the function of crane limit switch?
As an important lifting equipment in industrial production, metallurgical technology and mechanical equipment, the safety and reliability of the crane is also high.
bridge cranes
Crane track installation technical specifications and guidance
Many bridge cranes are equipped with corresponding rails, which are usually made of steel. They are limited in length and need to be connected by two or two. Their function is to facilitate the movement of the whole machine or the trolley.
New and practical development trend of cranes
With the continuous development of technology, cranes are constantly developing and progressing. Today we will talk about the new and practical development trend of cranes.
What are the cranes for plant operations?
Hoisting machinery is a device that can move up and down and lateral loads to help lift materials. It is widely used in various workshops.
overhead bridge crane
What are the technical standards for bridge cranes?
The optimal design of the bridge crane is a multi-objective decision-making optimization problem involving many factors related to electromechanical design, manufacturing process, energy consumption, safety and environmental protection, etc.
overhead bridge crane
The bad phenomenon and corrective measures of bridge crane bridge and main beam
During the regular maintenance of the overhead crane, it was found that the important components such as the bridge and the main beam were deformed to different extents. The poor performance of the bridge was that the diagonal difference exceeded a certain range, and the main beam was bad. Performance is a side bend, do not know how to solve?
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