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crane remote control
crane remote control
crane remote control
crane remote control
crane remote control
crane remote control

crane remote control

Protection class:
Glass-Fiber PA
There are 3 ways of the operation parts for crane: pendent control, remote control & cabin control. It Can be equipped according to your use requirements. Pendent control always working for the hoist. According to different requirements, the handle buttons have four buttons, six buttons, eight buttons and other different specifications.
Product description
Technical Parameters
Product description
Wireless remote control harness is one of the most industrial applications for industrial wireless remote control. The gradual popularization of crane remote control indicates an important direction for the development of industrial wireless remote control, and is an important embodiment of industrial remote control applications. After the crane remote control is installed, each action can be undertaken by one person alone, without the need of multiple people, saving human resources. Because the operator performs command operations on the ground, independently determines the running state of the crane, so the accuracy and consistency of the operation control is greatly improved than before. The actual operator can choose the best angle, avoid the dangerous operation position with poor visibility or serious pollution or high temperature, improve the operator's operation and control environment, improve the safety of operation.


Closed and open type
Air-conditioning provided
SIEMENS smart control panel if needed


Remote control

Apollo, HBC, WICONTEK, telecrane
2/4/6/8/10/12 keys for choosing
Voltage: as required

Bus bar

Single pole, multipole and safety bus bar all provided
All kinds current contactor provided
All kinds fixture provided


Torque: 710-1000000N.M


Material: DG20, 16Mn, 20MnSi, 36MnSi
Grade: M, P, T
Capacity: 0.25-350t


For lifting steel scrap, billet & slab, high speed wire & coiled bar, bundled rebar & profiled steel, rebar & steel pipe
Lifting capacity: 3-50t


High working duty hoist mechanism
Used for overhead crane, gantry crane or other type cranes
Working duty: A3-A8
Capacity: 3-350t


Dia: Ø300mm,Ø400mm,Ø500mm,Ø650mm,Ø800mm,Ø1000mm etc
Length: 1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,2000mm,3440mm etc
Applicable wire rope: Ø14mm,Ø18mm,Ø22mm,Ø26mm,Ø28mm,Ø32mm etc


Angular bearing box type both provided
Dia: Ø250mm,Ø350mm,Ø400mm,Ø500mm,Ø600mm,Ø700mm,Ø800mm etc


Double rope, four rope, hydraulic multi peel, motor grab etc
Capacity: 1-200t
Volume: -45m³
Material density: -3.3t/m³


Overhead limiter, travel limiter,height limiter, rotary limit device etc

Electric box

SIEMENS, schneider, YASKAWA, CHINT brand can provide
Controller, switch, circuit breaker, relay, transformer, frequency converter, resistor, contactor


Electromagnetic and hydraulic pushing lever type can both provided
Brake wheel
Dia: Ø100mm,Ø150mm,Ø200mm,Ø250mm,Ø300mm,Ø400mm,Ø500mm,Ø600mm etc


YZR, YZP are all provided
Power: 1.8-280KW
Number of pole-pairs: 4,6,8,10


Type: 250,350,400,500,650,750,850,1000
Ratio: 8.23-317.28


Specification: 63-630mm

Steel rail

Chinese or Germany specification
All fitting provided

Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Material Glass-Fiber PA
Enclosure protection class IP65
Frequency range VHF: 310-331 MHz; UHF: 425-446 MHz
Transmitter power ≤10dBm
Transmitter power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Safety code 32 bits (4.3billion)
Temperature range -40℃-+85℃
Control distance up to 100 meters  (it is available to customized long distance up to 200m)
Size 164x75x46mm
Weight 328g (without battery)
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