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Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform
Scissor lift platform

Scissor lift platform

The capacity:
Lifting height:
Platform size:
Mobile scissor lift platform is a kind of vertical lift, and it's widely used indoor and outdoor. Mobile lifting platform is a high-altitude operation equipment widely used. Its mechanical structure scissors, the lifting platform lifting a higher stability bearing capacity, wide working platform and mobile lifting platform is high, so that a greater range of high-altitude operations, and for people at work. It makes the operation efficiency more safe and more security. Mainly used in the station, pier, bridge, hall, indoor and outdoor plants machinery installation, equipment maintenance, construction and maintenance.
Product description
Technical Parameters
Product description
Brief introduction of electric scissor lift platform:
1. Electric scissor lift is the professional high altitude operation equipment.
2. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lift platform moves more stable. Large working platform and large loading capacity can make the work scope bigger. It suitable for several people working together.
3.Lifting height: 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 11m and so on. And the max. height of the scissor lift is 16m.
4. Load capacity: 300kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg and so on. 
Advantages of electric scissor lift platform: 
1.Fix type or movable type scissor lift for option to fit with different workplaces. 
2.They are easy to operate and standard maintenance.
Main Structure of scissor lift:
1. Lateral support foundation and Main body with high strengthen rectangular tube.
2.Distribution Box: with control button, "up","down"and"Pause", you can easily to control the travel
3.Travel switch: to control the lifting height effectively, against the over height
4.Handle switch: press this handle switch can lift the equipment in case of out of electric
5.Hydraulic Oil cylinder: with high quality
6.ladder: convenience the people to go on the table
7.Fence: Can be open and close with a little telescopic shaft. Prevent the goods or personnel slide.
8.Table Material:It is spreading to prevent slippery decorative pattern plate or insulation board
the structure of the lifting platform is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube with high strength and durability. high security and easy to use
the total countertop is aggravated, the guardrail is thickened, the countertop is paved with a tread plate, and the anti-skid and wear-resistant, effectively improve the safety of working at height
the cylinder is equipped with an explosion-proof valve to prevent the equipment from falling after the oil pipe accidentally breaks, which effectively improves the safety performance of the equipment
tires: high-quality non-marking tires and bearings, stable and non-slip, durable
supporting legs: the bracket is compact in structure, safe and stable, and does not shake, which effectively improves the safety performance of the equipment
the pin shaft of each joint of the scissor is electroplated, wear-resistant and rust-proof, and the pin has the characteristics of high hardness and high strength, which effectively ensures the stability of equipment performance
steerable towbar: the towbar has a rotating shaft that can be turned to control the direction when the machine is being dragged. it is equipped with trailer and hand-operated according to the weight of the equipment
brand oil pump: powerful and stable, no oil leakage. easy to operate, adjustable speed control multiple directions simultaneously
Technical Parameters
Model  work height(M) Elevation of main platform (m) Rated load (Kg) Table size (mm) Total size(mm) Auxiliary power (kw) Whole reference weight (kg)
SJY 0.3-6 8 6 300 1650*750 2200*950*2160 2.2 650
SJY 0.3-8 10 8 300 1650*1000 2200*1200*2460 2.2 1200
SJY 0.8-8 10 8 800 2100*1200 2600*1500*2380 2.2 1400
SJY 0.3-10 12 10 300 2000*1200 2700*1500*2640 2.2 1500
SJY 0.5-10 12 10 500 2210*1200 2700*1700*2380 2.2 1600
SJY 0.3-12 14 12 300 2220*1200 2820*1720*2850 2.2 2380
SJY 0.3-14 16 14 300 2550*1500 3150*2000*2850 3 2580
SJY 0.3-16 18 16 300 2990*1600 3550*2100*2850 3 3000
SJY 0.3-18 20 18 300 3210*1600 3890*2120*3030 3 3920
SJY 0.3-20 22 20 300 3210*1600 3890*2120*3030 3 3980
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